Time for Lyons to roar back in SuperGT 

Richard Lyons is back and ready to go for the 2018 chapter of SuperGT, with the promise of banishing the ghosts of a tough 2017.

Lyons gives his rundown and views on a positive new look for his Japanese outfit this year.

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Twin Ring Motegi
SuperGT, Round 8 

The final round of this years SuperGT campaign is upon us. Catch all the action here on richardlyonsracing.com

Richard Lyons will be looking to put on a show after a tough season.

<-------Watch all the action here 
LIVE sfrom 04:30 GMT this sunday (12/11).

 In the meantime read Richards thoughts for the weekend


Buriram International Circuit, Thailand.
Round 7.

Lyons kicks off this weekends action in Thailand from the front row, Pole position. 

Watch all the action from the Thailand

<------- Watch LIVE from 08:30 AM GMT

Suzuka 1000KM
Round 6

The biggest race of the year is here, its the Suzuka 1000KM race.

HERE for Richards pre race thoughts

<--------------LIVE streaming NOW.

Round 5
Fuji International Speedway

Richard Lyons is back in Japan for round 5 of this years SuperGT championship. Read all about Richards thoughts HERE and watch all the race day action right here on richardlyonsracing.com, courtesy of NISMO.tv

LIVE stream starting from 07:30 6/8 Catch all the action. 

<---------------- Watch here!


Blancpain Endurance Cup
Total 24hrs of Spa

Richard Lyons is competing in this weekends Spa 24hrs race. Catch all the action LIVE here on richardlyonsracing.com.



<------Watch here. LIVE Saturday 29th July, coverage               starts 3pm GMT

Round 4
Sugo Sportsland

After a long break SuperGT is back this weekend and heading to Sugo for round 4 of the 2017 championship.

Head over to the
NEWS for Richards thoughts and views for this race and beyond.

LIVE Raceday stream here on Richardlyonsracing.com

Sunday 06:30am GMT or 14:30 Local time

<-------------- Watch here



Round 3
Autopolis International Circuit

Round 3 of this years SuperGT championship returns to Autopolis this weekend (20th/21st May). Read my thoughts on our preperation and where we stand for this important race in the NEWS.

LIVE Race stream time 21st May 05:45am GMT or 13:45 JST



Round 2
Fuji International Speedway

Its time for round 2 of SuperGT and this week is Golden Week in Japan and Fuji Speedway will be packed to the rafters. Read Richards thoughts for tomorrows race HERE <-------

Watch all the action LIVE right here courtesy of NISMO.tv on richardlyonsracing.com

Race time 6am GMT or 2pm Japan local time 
sers know a little more about you.

2017 Season opener
Okayama International Circuit

SuperGT is back! Catch the news and read Richards thoughts on a brand new season and a brand new chance at glory.

Head over to the news

This weekend be sure to tune in here on richardlyonsracing.com for LIVE coverage thanks to NISMO.tv.

<------------------ Click here for sundays LIVE stream

Driver Announcement

Head over to the NEWS and read all about Richards new drive for 2017 and the plans ahead!

Changes abound for Lyons 17th season in Japan and SuperGT.

FIA GT World Cup
Macau GP, China

The FIA sanctioned GT World Cup is upon us again and Lyons will be fighting it out amongst some of the best drivers on the planet at Macaus fearsome Guia Circuit.

Check out Richards thoughts on the weekend right
HERE in the news!

Weekend schedule: Friday - Qualifying 06:55-07:55 GMT or local time 14:55-15:55
Saturday - Qualifying Race 12 laps - 04:10-05:10 GMT or local time 12:10-13:10
Sunday - FIA GT World Cup Race 04:55-06:55 GMT or local time12:55-14:55

<-------------------HERE, click on picture to open LIVESTREAM coverage for all days.

Round 8 and Special Final round for Kumamoto

An ultra unique end to another season of SuperGT with two races on one weekend to end the championship. So many points up for grabs and a championship undecided.

Check Richards thoughts on the coming weekend of action
HERE in the news. 

LIVE Race stream here

LIVE stream: 04:00am 12/11 GMT 13:00 JST

LIVE stream 04:20am 13/11 GMT 13:20 JSt


GT Asia
Shanghai International Circuit, China
Final Round

The last race of the season for GT Asia will play out tomorrow (20/10) at the Shanghai International Circuit. Lyons and Craft Bamboo Racing have been busy preparing their Porsche for the two races ahead.

Read about Richards thoughts on the final race

As always, join us here at richardlyonsracing.com for the
LIVE stream.

LIVE streams starts 20/10 for race 1 at 03:30am GMT and race 2 07:30am GMT or 10:30am and 14:30pm respectively Chinese local time.

<---------Watch here.

Suzuka 1000Km
Round 6

Lyons guns for top spot at Suzuka this weekend (27/28-8.) Check out the NEWS for the latest on Richards thoughts and preparation.

LIVE coverage of the Suzuka 1000Km to be shown here on richardlyonsracing.com courtesy of NISMO.tv

Race LIVE stream time 04:30am GMT Sunday 28th August or 12:30 JST.

<------------- Watch LIVE here!!


GT Asia
Shanghai International Circuit
Rounds 9 & 10

Richard is in action in China this weekend for Craft Bamboo Racing in GTasia. Read all about his take on the weekend right ------> HERE


Watch all the action LIVE from GTasia here on richardlyonsracing.com


<----------- 20/8 Sat, Round 9 09:00 GMT TBC
<----------- 21/9 Sun, Round 10 07:00 GMT TBC

Fuji Speedway
Round 5

Round 5 of SuperGT this weekend and Lyons is ready for his last visit to this circuit this season. Richards thoughts on this race can be found HERE <---------

LIVE stream times:

Sun 7/8 @ 06:35 GMT and 14:35 JST

<------------Click here and watch LIVE here on richardlyonsracing.com 



Sugo, Japan
Round 4

SuperGT is back this weekend 24th of July with round 4 @ Sugo Sportsland, Japan.
After an extended break due to the tragic events in Kumamoto, Lyons and Audi Team Hitotsuyama are back in action.

Check out Richards thoughts on the weekend ahead 
HERE <----

LIVE stream times starts at 05:50 GMT or 13:50 JST.

<------------  Watch here
LIVE on richardlyonsracing.com

GT Asia
Round 7&8
Fuji Speedway, Japan

Lyons competes at Fuji Speedway this weekend in GT Asia, catch up on the build up here in the NEWS.  LIVE streams available here on richardlyonsracing.com.


<----------------------------------- Race 1: Saturday 16/7 04:20 GMT










<----------------------------------- Race 2: Sunday 17/7 08:10 GMT



GT Asia
Round 5&6
Okayama, Japan

This weekend, Lyons and Craft Bamboo Racing Return to Japan for the first of four rounds in GT Asia. First up, Okayama. Richard shares his thoughts on the weekend HERE in the news.

<--------------- LIVE stream here.

Race times:
Sat July 2nd round 5: 06:15 GMT/14:15 JST
Sun July 3rd round 6: 04:30 GMT/12:30 JST


Fuji International Speedway

Its golden week in Japan and the crowds will be flocking to Fuji Speedway for SuperGT round 2.

Lyons after a great qualifying will be looking to capitalise on his position on this traditionally tough track for the R8.

Head over to the news and read Richards thoughts on the weekend.

NEWS <---------click here


Okayama International Circuit


Lyons and Audi team Hitotsuyama put round 1 under their belts with a solid showing in Okayama.

Catch up on the race here ------>

Round 1 Okayama Circuit

Its finally here, the start of the 2016 SuperGT campaign.

All the action kicks off this weekend 9-10/4 live feed coverage TBA.

Read all of Richards thoughts and get the low down on Okayama and head over to the
NEWS <------- Click here

 Lyons ready for GT Asia

Richard is in the hotseat for Craft Bamboo Racing in a brand new machine for a brand new season.

Check out all the details and get the lowdown on whats happening in GT Asia this season by heading over to the


CLICK HERE <-------------

Official Testing Begins

Official testing begins and the start of the season is almost upon us. Lyons is back on track with a new car and some new rubber.

Find out and read more here -------->

SuperGT 2016, Lyons and Hitotsuyama.

Richard Lyons confirms his seat for 2016's SuperGT campaign with Hitotsuyama racing!

A new car, new season and a fast approaching first official testing just about around the corner, 2016 is starting as it means to go on....flatout.

Read more on this seasons announcement for more details
HERE! <---------- Click there or head to the NEWS

Interush and craft Bamboo Present

An insight into racing and my GTasia team, take a look at this stunning video!

Take a few minutes and enjoy.

A look back at Silverstone and British GT 5/30-31

Take a look at onboard around Silverstone and in the pits with footage of last weekends British GT at the home of British Motorsport.

Things did not go our way on track but thats racing. Onto the next! I will be back.

Lyons takes on GT300 for Hitotsuyama racing

Official. Richard Lyons drives for Hitotsuyama Racing for the 2015 GT300 SuperGT series in Japan.
Richards 4th year with the established GT team sees a raft of changes in an effort to bring the R8 to its potential by teaming up with Belgium outfit WRT.
An exciting season ahead.

Click here to view in youtube or...

<-------- Watch here and see the new car in action.

SuperGT Round 3 Thailand

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